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For its organization and structure Hotel Continental Ischia has all the features of a real thermal park in the centre of Ischia Porto, boasting 5 thermal swimming pools with different temperatures, a first-class SPA and a Wellness and Beauty Center, complemented by the luxuriant gardens surrounding them.
In Italy and abroad the name of Ischia is associated with SPAs and thermal waters, which are its most special attraction. The therapeutic qualities of these waters and of the related treatments were already known to both Greeks and Romans. There are thermal springs in almost every corner of our island. A particularly interesting basin of thermal water is exactly underneath Hotel Continental Terme. The waters drawn from the spring “Tifeo”, encountered at a depth of 39 meters, are at the same time hyper-thermal (naturally warm, at temperatures ranging from 55° to 72°C) and saline-alkaline-earthy (rich in sodium, chlorine, calcium and magnesium).

Balneotherapy (bath therapy) is one of the best known thermal treatments. The therapeutic effect of these waters rich in minerals is bound to their components favouring the healing process. The most common treatment consists in bathing in the warm water of thermal pools with a temperature between 30° and 40 °C. After this, it is necessary to rest for 30 – 40 minutes, in order to enhance the beneficial effect of the treatment. Balneotherapy provides an effective support to the treatment of diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system, for the post-traumatic and post-surgical recovery and for weaknesses vascular and lymphatic system. In addition, it helps regaining the natural physical wellbeing, as the warmth of the water favours muscle relaxation.

Thermal water is also employed for aereosol therapy, which allows the beneficial thermal particles to reach even the thinnest ramifications of the respiratory system, thus curing acute diseases and providing relief in case of chronic affections, from a common cold to chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

Another widespread use of thermal water is in thermal mud therapy (fangotherapy), which consists in the application of thermal mud on specific body areas. The natural clay macerates for a long time in thermal water, thus absorbing its beneficial properties. Afterwards the thermal mud is applied in form of masks or bandages at a temperature and for a duration as recommended by the doctor responsible for the thermal center during the medical pre-examination.

Hotel Continental Ischia also has an internal dialysis center.
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