Swimming Pools

Five thermal pools at different temperatures

The 5 swimming pools, filled with the thermal water from our Tifeo spring, are harmoniously set out amongst the green scenery of the large park. With their different sizes, temperatures and locations they shape a real wellness path, allowing you to experience moments of deep relaxation.
The pools surrounded by wide terraces are equipped with umbrellas, deckchairs and sun loungers: here you can enjoy the sunrays in the time between one thermal bath and the following.

The Olympic Pool is a half-Olympic outdoor pool at a temperature between 26° and 28°C. It is ideal for passionate swimmers and also the best suited for children, as the temperature is not too high.

The Tropical Pool is an indoor thermal pool set inside a greenhouse with tropical plants and flowers. The temperature of 36 ° C will give you a deep sense of well-being and relaxation, favoured by the unique surrounding atmosphere.

The Tifeo Pool is an outdoor thermal pool at a temperature between 30° and 32°C, surrounded by a large solarium terrace.

The Children Pool is a semicircular outdoor pool characterized by an amusing waterfall in the centre.

The Therapeutic Pool is an indoor thermal pool at temperatures between 38° and 40°C features waterfalls and underwater jets. For the access to this pool for therapeutic purposes a fee has to be paid; it is included in a specific wellness program for which you need a medical prescription by the doctor of our Spa.